Thursday, April 17, 2014

Move Your Body....DANCE...

We were asked to host a photo booth at the local high school's after prom party.  I wanted to do something we made it a video, and slowed it down or sped it up...this is what happened.

Imagine in 20 years from now these kids watching this video at their reunion.

Huron High School Post Prom SLO MO from LakeHaus Productions on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Title Games.

I think everyone in Huron thought we would have 2 teams in the championship games of the AA and B State Boy's Basketball fact, I kind of thought it was a given that both trophies were coming back to the 352.  BUT that is why you play the games.

The Tigers got knocked off in the first round by the #8 seeded SF Lincoln Patriots...undoubtedly the hottest team in South Dakota right Lincoln will play for the title tonight.  The Vikings did make it to the title tilt tonight, and had a few struggles here and there to make it through their first 2 rounds.  They deserve a shot at the trophy again this year after a ill-timed bout of food poisoning kind of took some of their MOJO last year.

This community is super proud of both of our teams and what they have accomplished this season....if they bring home the 1st place trophy or not, we are behind you.

Fans if you are with Orange Nation, Yellow and Black Nation or Red Nation (Huron All Stars) be proud of the year the teams had, and the life lessons our players learned.

Players hold on to these moments...they will be some of your fondest memories, and the brothers you have in the locker room will be your friends...basically...for life.

Long Live Sports.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Looking Back.

Sometimes I look back on this blog to see what was going on in my life in 2008, or 2006 or whatever.  I mostly like the pictures or videos that I posted of the this classic.

It is funny to see how the kids have grown up over the past few years and there is a couple of photos that when I see them remind me why I love being a parent...and they both involve punching.

One is from a camping trip and the other is from Christmas break about 5 years ago...I'm not sure who got the last laugh, but for 2 boys that get along really well, these are great images of their youth.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mending Knees and Broken Fingers

Our house is more like a doctor's / physical therapy office lately.  I was sick for about 2 weeks trying to battle Strep.  Brecken is getting over pink eye.  Kolby's nose is like Niagara Falls and I think the dog has a sleeping disorder.

Steph is still recovering from knee surgery and has various therapy contraptions around the house, and now Maxim is the latest to end up at the Dr. office.  He either severely sprained his left pinky or there is a bone chip in it...only an x-ray would tell the difference and the treatment is the same so I opted not to have him get x-rayed.  Beware if you play any form of dodge ball your left pinky is at risk of dislocation or bone damage.  (He and one other boy on the hockey team have left pinkys that are messed up from this.)

Steph is making good recovery, but it was a major surgery.  Turns out Olympic swimmer Dara Torres had the same surgery and is now the spokes model for this surgery.  Watch her short commercial here.....

It has been a very eye opening experience to act as a "single parent" while Steph is laid up...SHE DOES AN AMAZING AMOUNT OF WORK OUTSIDE OF RUNNING LAKEHAUS!  Who knew the laundry doesn't put itself away?  Speaking of which we now have a "jeans get worn 3 days policy at our house".  Cleaning, schedules, picking up kids, etc.  If I didn't have Steph's mom and my mom I don't know how this would have worked.

That being said, any single parent has my utmost respect after this little session of my life.  I am pretty amazed that all of the Christmas presents are under the tree, the seasonal LakeHaus work is mostly caught up and the kids are not missing scheduled events because of my lack of experience with schedule juggling.

The one thing that did fall by the wayside...a family picture...a Christmas card and there are about 87 socks that have been sitting in a laundry basket for 2 weeks.  Other than that everyone is breathing and somewhat walking around normally, with crutches and a brace or without.

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your family time.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Remember When We Didn't Go?

Our daughter has an amazing memory of things that happened, and things that didn't happen.  Last year I promised Kolby that we would go to the Butterfly Ball...the father/daughter dance that our local Catholic school puts on each year. 

She was going to wear a fancy dress and I was going to wear "my coat that isn't for the winter" AKA a suit coat.  We planned and planned for that day, and practiced our dancing, Steph ordered her a flower corsage that looked like a butterfly.  Then came the was snowing and windy as the day began, and the snow piled up and piled up.

About an hour before we needed to leave for town Steph and I thought it would be a bad idea to drive the 15 minutes to town, so I broke the news to Koko and she was OK with the choice.  She mentioned that we had to "cancel" the Butterfly Ball a couple times the next week, and then for the most part it was a non-issue.

UNTIL about a month ago.  Steph had left the corsage in the fridge on a top shelf that Kolby can't even see...but one day she found it and started wearing it around the house.  A couple days after that the guilt trips began.

One evening she snuggled up to me and said, "Daddy, do you remember when we DIDN'T go to the Butterfly Ball?" 

I was like, "yeah???"

She said, "I just remember that we didn't go cause we cancelled it."

That was the first reminder of the missed opportunity, and the rest of October the reminders piled up.  It seems like the only thing we could talk about was missing the Butterfly Ball.  Then yesterday to cap off the shame...she dressed Brecken up in a shirt, tie, and fancy boy vest with jeans and dress shoes and then she put on a fancy dress and her Butterfly Ball corsage and proceeded to tell me that SHE was taking Brecken to the ball this year and she was going to, "practice him on his dancing with a girl."

We got a good kick out of it, but deep down I couldn't help but feel a little bad that I didn't try to drive through the snow that day to dance with my daughter...WE WILL NOT MISS THE BUTTERFLY BALL this year...I will drive through anything to be there with her.

BUT I wonder if she will still be talking about it 6 months after the event if we actually go...sometimes the best memories are of the special events that didn't happen.